Preparation of reports on environmental impacts, environmental reports in the procedures of comprehensive environmental impact assessment and preliminary assessments as part of preliminary procedures.


Consulting in the procedures of obtaining opinions and consents, preparation of expert bases, study of variants from the environmental point of view, initiatives for spatial plans from the environmental point of view, feasibility studies from the environmental point of view, guidance to designers and monitoring plans from the environmental point of view.


Preparation of an Addendum for assessing the acceptability of impacts of implementation of plans and interventions on protected nature areas, orientation from the point of view of natural environment protection, expert bases and opinions, implementation of inventory of flora, fauna and habitat types, including mapping, and monitoring of nature.

Aquarius is a smaller, dynamic company, whose employees are dedicated to providing nature conservation and environmental protection solutions in spatial planning, development projects and industrial pollution. We produce reports concerning comprehensive environmental protection in environmental and nature conservation approval procedures, opinions on the acceptability of implementation of plans and projects as well as environmental permits.

We are a team of highly experienced and reliable experts in natural sciences, engineering and social sciences, proficient at delivering a high level of environmental protection and producing dependable and accurate reports.

We are qualified to manage comprehensive and demanding environmental projects that include coordinated efforts and cooperation between larger project groups. We provide our services independently or in cooperation with our partners and contractors, depending on the type, characteristics and requirements of a project. We are proud to be associated with verified and experienced experts from different domains.

Our company was established in 1990. From this time on we have cooperated with over 100 clients and have rendered more than 500 services that have been helping to protect the natural and the living environment on all levels, while enabling our clients to carry out their projects.

The staff has mastered the use of the geographic information system (GIS) so as to ensure the highest quality processing of various spatial information in vector form, digitalization of data and delivery of cartographic contents, which are indispensable to more demanding projects.